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Tesla Unveil The Affordable New Model 3

115,000 vehicles. That’s approximately how many Tesla Model 3s were placed on order in the past 24-hours even before the car’s official unveiling by Elon Musk.

To say that the anticipation for Tesla’s fourth and newest car is overwhelming is an understatement. As the innovative car company took on its most ambitious car to date for sustainable transport, Musk also revealed some of the car’s game-changing features that will aim to bring electric vehicles to the masses.

According to Musk, safety is at the very top of the new Model 3’s priority and it will see “five-star ratings” across the board. We’ll let the ADR decide exactly what this means once the car lands on our shores.


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Other winners include a smart interior design which can comfortably accommodate five adults and all of their luggage. On the performance front the Model 3 will come in various options and Musk hinted that there will be a top of the range go fast model because “Tesla doesn’t make slow cars”.

So that’s an electric motor which can get a car from 0-100km/h in under six seconds as well as an electric AWD model which will give buyers more road holding traction. Free Supercharger usage is also enabled on the Model 3 so that means you’ll never have to pay for fuel or electricity on the go again. The EPA has rated the car to give 345km of drive out of a single charge whilst autopilot will also come standard in the Model 3.

The starting price for the Tesla Model 3 is pegged at US$35,000 and it will begin production in late 2017 as it aims for a 500,000 vehicle output a year.


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