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Tesla & Qantas Go Head To Head In Air Strip Drag Race

Electric powered or jet fuel? That’s the underlying debate behind the latest race stunt featuring industry powerhouses Qantas and Tesla.

Given that the Tesla Model S P90D has already decimated just about everything on four wheels in a drag race, it was only fitting that it would take on the next best thing – a Qantas Boeing 737 with a maximum speed of 974km/h.

The Top Gear style race took place at Melbourne’s Avalon airport and used up a good three kilometres of runway before the final result was decided. One could probably guess the result though given the Tesla’s electric motor AWD system paired with its ‘Insane Mode’ pitched against a seventy tonne aeroplane. The driver behind the wheel was also V8 Supercars driver Tony d’Alberto.

The Qantas 737 did eventually “win” though – after it took off. Qantas reps rounded up the fun little race perfectly.

“The Tesla was hard to catch off the start. But the 737 narrowed the gap as it barrelled down the runway. Both travelled neck and neck as the 737 reached its take-off speed of 140 knots (260km/h) and the Tesla reached its max at around 250 kilometres an hour.”

The race was conducted to draw attention to a new partnership which will see the two companies offer new services and benefits to their customers. On the list includes complimentary Qantas Club memberships for Tesla Model S owners as well as exclusive events which will showcase the latest in Tesla goodies including the Model 3, Model X and Powerwall.

If that’s not enough of an incentive, Qantas will also be installing Tesla Powerwall chargers at their dedicated valet areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide airports. This will ensure travellers will have a fully charged car waiting for them upon their return home.

Here’s hoping that flying Teslas will be on the cards for the future of this fruitful partnership.




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