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Time Magazine Names 100 Most Influential People In The World

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1 of 10|Mark Zuckerberg & Pricilla Chan|It's been years since Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and now as a married man to wife Pricilla Chan, the formidable duo are continuing to push a vision of an interconnected world where "all people have a chance to make the most of their talents". From the outside at least, the pair seem to thrive on curiosity, open-mindedness, ambition, learning and growth. Their philanthropic endeavours are not easily discreditable either with Zuckerberg already changing the landscape of communication whilst Chan became a pediatrician to help sick children. Their latest cause will see 99% of their wealth go to tackling education and disease whilst building stronger communities.
2 of 10|Justin Trudeau|Justin Trudeau is no doubt the golden child of Western politics. As the Prime Minister of Canada he has changed the tone of a world wrought by fear, violence and disconnect by welcoming refugees into the country whilst polarising their southern cousins in the U.S. TIME describes him as bold, clear as a bell and progressive.
3 of 10|Leonardo DiCaprio|The Oscar hunter finally got the recognition he deserves after decades in the game. His talent though has always been limitless. As a distinguished actor with 30 films to his name, DiCaprio is a man who does his homework to bring a broad range of characters to life without fail.
4 of 10|Donald Trump|The U.S presidential hopeful may not have everyone on side, but there's no doubting his ferocity gets results in the business world. Whether or not those results will translate into The White House is still to be seen. Can the man who turned a $1M loan into a billion dollar empire save America whilst preventing conflict? Only time will soon tell.
5 of 10|Idris Elba|Starting life as any struggling actor, English born Elba took jobs in tyre-fitting and cold call sales before his big break came in the TV show The Wire. He has since forged quite a reputation for himself earning five Golden Globe nominations for his work including his portrayal of Nelson Mandela.
6 of 10|Aziz Ansari|Aziz Ansari is the perfect embodiment of the modern Gen-Y-er stuck to fend for himself in America's big city. Ethnic, American and lost in life, his TV show and comedic themes resonate not just with audiences but a whole generation in the same boat.
7 of 10|Dwayne Johnson|After being evicted from his home of Hawaii with his mother, Johnson has seen his fair share of hardships during the early days. Luck it would seem laid stateside and that saw Johnson make the big move to try his hand in show business. After forging his way through the world of wrestling, Johnson made the jump to Hollywood and is today one of the most influential action stars on the scene. He's also an inspiration to body builders worldwide with his massive frame and love for lifting.
8 of 10|Lewis Hamilton|Lewis Hamilton lives one of the most glamorous lives as a world champion Formula One driver. It wasn't all glitz to begin with though. The 31-year old's father took many odd jobs to support his son through the go-karting for years. When he was finally old enough and won enough races, Hamilton graduated to the pinnacle of the sport and began claiming titles that would see him rival Michael Schumacher's record to date. His extroverted lifestyle also sees to it that he has legions of fans inspired by his story.
9 of 10|Kim Jong-Un|The Korean dictator who took over the reigns from his father after his passing has no issues starring a war or retaliating against potential threats. As the leader of the reclusive nation, he continues to hold immense power through propaganda in his home state. There's also claims of nuclear warheads which makes Kim Jong-Un one of the most influential people on the list through the use of force.
10 of 10|Felix Kjellberg/PewDiePie|Felix Kjellberg or better known as PewDiePie on Youtube is a future artist. He doesn't make art though. He simply plays video games, records it with his face in the corner showing his reactions and posts it on online. He has 43 million subscribers who tune into his videos and is the most watched person on Youtube.
Charming, funny, and pioneering, PewDiePie has seemingly turned passive gaming into enjoyable entertainment.

Pioneers. Titans. Artists. Leaders. Icons. Today Time magazine have come out with 100 of the world’s most influential people of the moment.

There’s little discrimination or bias given to the list as these are the people who have significantly shaped their respective communities through the ideas, ideals and creations that they have bestowed upon this Earth. This year the annual list sees big names ranging from Pope Francis to dictator Kim Jong Un to actor Dwayne Johnson to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Chosen for their unique ability to change the world, the list also includes a cavalcade of exceptional women in the form of actor Priyanka Chopra, IMF CEO Christine Lagarde and Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.


We’ve done a wrap of 10 of the most influential men from the list but if you want to see the full list of Time’s 100 most influential people, head over to their microsite for a squizz.


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