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Off-The-Grid UFO Boat Is Out Of This World

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Italian water transportation company Jet Capsule have unveiled a new seafaring concept that takes “oceanfront property” to new levels. The UFO boat – that’s ‘Unidentified Floating Object’ – is a saucer-like vessel designed to operate completely off the grid.

The sci-fi craft measures 12.5 meters in diameter and is capable of estimated speeds of up to three knots. Along with the outer deck, the UFO boasts two habitable areas. The main level houses the kitchen, and a floor access point connects to a sub-level bathroom and underwater viewing area.

In the event of an apocalypse, Jet Capsule have designed the hypothetical house boat to be totally autonomous. Energy is generated from solar panels on top, as well as through wind and water turbines. Fresh water is filtered from the ocean for drinking and maintaining a vegetable garden. And if that apocalypse comes at the hands of an alien invasion, well… maybe you’ll blend in well enough to be left alone.


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