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Australia To Receive First Ever Man-Made Wave Pool In 2017

Melbourne wave dwellers will soon have something to brag about with confirmation that the city will be getting Australia’s first ever wave pool.

URBNsurf is the Perth-based company behind the man-made waves that will begin construction opposite the Essendon Football club in Tullamarine. The finished surf park which will cost $18.5 million is expected to be twice the size of the MCG without all the hassle of sand, crowds and sharks.

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Representatives from Wave Park Group say that, “Wavegarden is the world’s longest man-made wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing.”

“Testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break.”

Andrew Ross who is the person behind URBNsurf has ensured that the park will be a mainstay in Melbourne’s tourism scene with a 30-year lease at the site’s Airport Drive location. He also added that the surfing lagoon will utilise wave generating technology that can replicate an authentic surfing experience.

The surf park will be a 23-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD and construction of the site is scheduled to be finished by late 2017.

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