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Watch What Goes Into Making An Oxford Shirt In 50 Steps

The oxford shirt. A wardrobe staple adored by the world’s men of style for decades. Versatile, comfortable and stylish, without trying too hard. But what exactly goes into making an oxford shirt?

Many of us don’t realise the massive joint effort it takes to get an oxford from a bunch of threads on the factory floor to your wardrobe, so Swedish label ASKET made a mini-documentary to educate and inform the curious and fashionable gents of the world on the matter.

The video, you can watch above, shows the 50 steps required to make an oxford shirt in the ASKET factory in Braga, Portugal. Apparently, it takes exactly 2.2 square metres of fabric, 97 metres of thread, 14 buttons, 43 separate pieces, and more than 50 fabric makers and seamstresses to make one shirt, that’s one hell of a mission.


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