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Check Out The World’s Greenest Eco Luxe Resort

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A guilt-free luxury vacation in the tranquil dunes of Dubai? Sign us up. The Oasis Eco Resort is the brainchild of Baharash Architecture and strives to be ‘World’s Greenest’ of its kind.

The visually stunning resort is built around a spring, used for crop irrigation, fish farming and recreational activities, surrounded by 84 interconnecting suites with amazing views, an outdoor terrace and luxury accommodation. The resort’s restaurant and bar offers indigenous delicacies and international fine cuisine made from organic ingredients grown on site, but if you’re keen get out in the action, Oasis Eco Resort also offers Dune Dining in the desert.

Of course, the resort also offers the typical health and therapeutic spa facilities but some of the environmental benefits include recycling waste water on site for irrigation, on-site waste management, the enforcement of a zero-emission zone and 157,00 square feet of solar panels positioned on a ribbon-like roof for optimum efficiency.

But before you get too excited, the resort is still under construction and won’t be taking reservations until 2020. Sit tight wanderlusters.


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