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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Zac Efron, Lewis Hamilton & Zayn Malik

The pursuit of celebrity style doesn’t always need to be a costly affair. In last week’s Get the Celebrity Look for Less we took a look at the winning wardrobes of Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston.

This week we’re borrowing inspiration from the younger guys who have been dominating the style scene of recent times. Their best celebrity looks, your biggest savings. This week we welcome to the stage Zac Efron, Lewis Hamilton and Zayn Malik.


Breaking It Down

It’s no coincidence that our three celebrities from this week are also proven talents in their own respective fields. From Efron’s latest cocktail-inspired look to Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton’s fashion-forward wardrobe to Zayn Malik’s bold Winter street threads, we’re keeping things both diverse and simple for readers to acquire. Let’s into it.

Zac Efron 


The High School Musical star has seemingly graduated to a whole new level of style with every new movie he pumps out. It’s only fitting then that for his most recent appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, Efron turned up in crisp designer threads and slicked back hair worthy of an award itself. His look for the night doesn’t need to cost you a trophy though. With a slim green blazer from ASOS, a premium black shirt from Topman and a pair of polished shoes from Aquila, the simple yet effective look is pulled off with ease. Talk about a life saver.

Blazer: ASOS – $123.45
Shirt: Topman – £35.00
Trousers: ASOS – $37.04
Shoes: Aquila – $399

Lewis Hamilton


The world champion racer is often known for experimenting with fashion outside of the track and this often divides crowds. His more casual looks however get the thumbs up from us as it seamlessly blends contemporary fashion and elements of streets into one attainable outfit.

Case in point: This cool street ensemble which is comprised of white jeans, a simple red dress shirt and a black zip-up. The all-important sneakers do get a tone down as Hamilton tends to go for more bling with glittered up shoes – that’s fine if you make millions a year but for all intended purposes, a white pair of high tops shall suffice. Aviator sunnies which mimic the look are also affordable to help make this one cool outfit that you can borrow without worry.

Jacket: Topman – £75.00
Jeans: Assembly – $99.95
Shirt: ASOS – $41.16
Sneakers: Greats – $177
Sunglasses: Liive – $59.95

Zayn Malik


Moving further into streetwear territory is One Direction detractor, Zayn Malik. Regardless of his questionable solo career, Malik is an expert at dressing for the brisk Winters of the U.K.

The layers may look daunting but it’s really just a simple case of picking up a decent puffer parker jacket and wearing it over a black hoodie with contrast logo. The chinos of course are super skinny fit, a must for any modern day pop star. Wrap up the the whole street ensemble with a pair of grey suede high tops and you’re good to own the streets in style.

Jacket: Fat Moose Canada – $329
Hoodie: Levi’s – $113.18
Chinos: Politix – $169
Sneakers: Vans- $138.50

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