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Zapata Racing Just Created A Real Hoverboard Which Doesn’t Explode

Hoverboards are those gadgets that will forever be remembered for spontaneously blowing up and not actually hovering in 2015.

Franky Zapata at Zapata Racing wants to change this with his latest invention which is the closest thing yet to a real hover board. Details of how the Flyboard hovers is scarce but from the video it appears to be powered by a gas turbine engine and a man with a backpack full of petrol. That probably explains the need to test the device over water with Zapata himself donning a full fireproof suit.

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The board claims to have a runtime of about ten minutes with a top speed of 150km/h and, wait for it, an altitude of 3,048m. Besides Lexus’ wild attempt at the hoverboard, this is probably the closest humans will get to it yet. Don’t discredit Zapata though. He’s the guy who created the water-powered jetpacks which have been a hit amongst the rich kids of Instagram since.


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