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First ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Trailer Drops Like A Ton Of Badass Bricks

Take a deep breath. You’re going to need all the oxygen you can get before watching the world premiere trailer for Assassin’s Creed.

You may be skeptical of a film based on a video game series (even if it’s a series as respected as this one) and you have every right to be. Game-to-film transitions are notoriously tricky to nail, but Assassin’s Creed could be the one to break the mould.

The trailer kicks off with two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender, who stars as former death row prisoner Callum Lynch, waking up in a hospital bed. Marion Cotillard then explains the impossible: “At 6pm yesterday evening, you were executed and pronounced dead. You no longer exist.”

After that? Shit, meet fan. There’s fighting, running, jumping, flipping, and a pumping Kanye soundtrack to get you hyped. Take a peek above and look for the film to hit cinemas in December.


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