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5 Cool Australian Furniture Brands To Know

When you hear “buy local,” it’s usually hipster foodies trying to convince you that kale grown on the rooftop of an urban farm and purchased at an overpriced farmers market is superior to whatever wilted foliage is found at your local supermarket. They’re probably right (shh, don’t tell them we said that), but we’re sick of hearing about it. So today, when we highlight locally produced goods, we’re talking about the Australian furniture brands making waves in the homewares world. Kale be damned.


Australian Furniture Brands

Zuster is Dutch for ‘sister,’ so you won’t be surprised to learn that the company was created and is run by sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel. Despite the Dutch name, Zuster’s manufacturing is based in Australia and managed by sister Katrina Myers and father Meyer Sibbel. The family business began three generations ago in Holland, then migrated to our shores where it this year it’s celebrating 20 years of business.

Ross Gardam

Australian Furniture BrandsRoss Gardam is an Australian furniture and lighting company established in 2007. Each product is hand-crafted in Melbourne by local artisans, using a mixture of traditional craft techniques and high-end manufacturing technology. The result is a collection of elegant and accessible products designed for a contemporary audience – all beautiful, simple solutions to complex design problems. Ross Gardam is also known for incorporating sustainable design principles and efficient material use into his products.

Mark Tuckey

Australian Furniture BrandsMark Tuckey the Business has been 25 years in the making, when Mark Tuckey the Man started out with $200, a blue F-100 truck and some recycled timber picked up from building sites. His wife Louella came on board in 2005, marrying her background in furniture and interior design to the business Mark had already built. Together they rebranded as Mark Tuckey in 2006, and have expanded the company into a 45-person operation with a store in Sydney.


Australian Furniture BrandsFor more than 20 years, Jardan has been producing beautiful, well-made furniture in Melbourne. Each piece is custom made to exacting standards by a team of experienced craftspeople, headed up by brothers Nick and Mike Garnham. The dynamic company takes a collaborative approach to design that involves minimal machinery, exceptional precision, and sustainable sourcing and treatment of materials. Endorsed with the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) label since 2007, all Jardan pieces are accredited to the GECA Level A, the highest achievable standard.


Australian Furniture BrandsDessein Furniture was founded in 2012 by Michele Chow, in response to a rising demand for contemporary, uniquely styled, Australian-designed timber furniture. Dessein operates by a set of four guiding principles: Australian design, affordable quality, customer choice and sustainability. For its first collection, Dessein brought together Sydney-based craftsmen Jon Goudler and Adam Goodrum, and Melbourne-based industrial designer Justin Hutchinson, setting the brand well on the way towards its goal of becoming a strong platform for for Australian designers.




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