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This Is What Barack Obama Will Be Doing After Retirement

The former President of the United States revealed his hilarious acting chops when he sent off his second and final term as commander and chief.

In the four minute spoof clip for The Whitehouse, Barack Obama is shown juggling the banalities of presidential retirement by telling a scathing television reporter, “F**k you, Chad Todd”. The comedic spiel doesn’t end there with Obama occupying his free time with his wife’s Snapchat account (with devastating results), seeing a psychiatrist, getting a drivers license and watching Toy Story. There’s even a slow motion walk down the hallways of office in sunnies.

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It’s a blatant display of Obama ensuring his final term as the leader wasn’t easily forgotten in the history books. And that’s why they call him him the ‘Couch Commander’. Obama out. Now let’s see Putin do the same without a laughing track.


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