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The Coolest Barber Shops & Men’s Hairdressers in Melbourne, Australia

Barber shops are popping up all over Melbourne, so we’ve decided to do a little round up of our favourites. If you’re a purist who likes to visit Cousin Gino in Moorabbin, then you’ll hate this list – but if you live near civilisation, you’ll be stoked. In no particular order, here’s some of the coolest barber shops Melbourne.

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Barber shops Melbourne
Captains of Industry
One of the older establishments in Melbourne’s city is Captains of Industry with resident cutter Sam Fordyce clipping hair at Captains of Industry for over four years. Here you can get a wash, shave, buzz or simply just a tidy up. Backed by the motto “Classic men’s grooming never goes out of style.” it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to visit the Captain.

Barber shops Melbourne

Pickings & Parry
If you find yourself in Gertrude St, Collingwood, then drop in at one of the coolest barber shops Melbourne to see the boys at Pickings & Parry. In addition to some cool heritage workwear clothing, the boys can offer you the full barber service. The space is packed with motorbikes, vintage watches and handlebar moustaches, so it’s a really interesting visit. If you want grab a whiskey with your shave. Tell them D’Marge sent you for a free slap across the chops.

Barber shops Melbourne
Men + Co

If you’re in Melbourne’s city, then we recommend trying Men + Co. They’re your one-stop shop for a haircut, shave and even a shoe shine. Beautifully fitted out across two city locations – the prestigious Kelvin Club and the new Ms Collins precinct – Men + Co is our pick to get a whiskey and a Jacques Raymond-inspired snack while getting groomed. You can’t beat that.

Barber shops Melbourne
Kings Domain
Kings Domain is the go-to barber shop south of the Yarra. The place opened last year and is often booked solid with guys grabbing haircuts, clips or cut-throat shaves. Kings Domain also stock a good range of combs, hair product and other manly accessories. Located just a short walk from South Yarra station and Chapel St., Kings Domain is a must.

Barber shops Melbourne
Uncle Rocco’s

If you’re working on the wharfs or slinging second-hand shit-heaps in Port Melbourne, then Uncle Rocco’s is worth a look. Run by Fab Sfameni it’s a small but great looking space, Uncle Rocco’s is by appointment only so don’t go dropping in. It’s also closed on weekends so check their website for open times.

Barber shops Melbourne
Lords of the North

With a name like this, it would be a crime not to add Lords of the North to this list. The place is a proper barber shop with a throng of cool cats who sing their praises – simply look at the Facebook page if you need proof. Located in Melbourne’s deep north of Thornbury, The Lords will ensure you’re clipped, shaved and chopped to perfection. (Picture credit: ThreeThousand)

Barber shops Melbourne
Temple Town

Last on our barber shop hot list is the cool Mr Tom Farmer from Temple Town. We know a place is a contender when they stock Uppercut, but in addition this spot is beautifully rustic (old school chairs and all) with lots of new-world barber shop love in the air. You’ll find Temple Town over in Abbotsford.

Barber shops Melbourne
Drunken Barber

A late entrant in our best Melbourne barbers, Drunken Barber focuses on a no-fuss experience for the gentleman. There’s no need for appointments at Drunken Barber, you just drop in, take a seat and wait your god damned turn. If you’re thirsty have a Boneyard Brew. Cuts start at about $30. You’ll find DB in Smith St Collingwood.


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