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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [07.05.16]

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1 of 8|Robert Downey Jr|This is Iron Man. Obviously not in armour but still, this is THE Iron Man. There's little explanation as to why Downey Jr is dressed this way but that doesn't matter. He's Iron Man. Follow him for behind the scenes Marvel news and more random funny stuff like above.
2 of 8|Adam Bovine|Adam Bovine and his Pitch Perfect co-star should be the best of friends after two films. Key word: should. This is the pair on a flight to an awards show where Kendrick is looking less than impressed. No word on whether he threw up on her mid-flight. Follow Bovine on his celebrity and sport escapades mixed in with goofy expressions.
3 of 8|James Corden|James Corden's car ride karaoke just got a little crowded with George Clooney and Julia Roberts joining himself and Gwen Stefani on an epic sing along. Besides that you can see all the latest spoofs on Corden's Instagram including him as Beyonce and him in lingerie. Don't ask.
4 of 8|Nick Bateman|Nick Bateman is an upcoming model turned actor who looks to be taking the reigns over from Vikings star and Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel. Besides heaps of ab selfies, Bateman also does the occasional martial arts demonstration which is pretty damn sweet.
5 of 8|Hugh Jackman|Hugh Jackman is the funny dad we wish we all had. He wasn't always Wolverine though. The Australian actor played what looks to be a cross between Robin Hood and Jim Carrey back in the day. Definitely cool.
6 of 8|Justin Lin|Justin Lin is the man who brought you the Fast & Furious franchise (the better, bigger budget ones) and he's the next director of the upcoming Star Wars film. Here he is with a couple of monsters from the set.
7 of 8|Norman Reedus|The Walking Dead actor hasn't gone too astray from his zombie roots on social media but in this intriguing post he's caught up with the Penguin himself, Danny Devito. Follow Reedus on his motorcycle adventures through Hollywood.
8 of 8|Donald Trump|Neither cool or a celebrity, Donald Trump has seemingly made himself famous by just pissing people off. In this particular Instagram post, Trump is spruiking a taco bowl made in Trump Tower. He ends the post with "I love Hispanics!" Ok man. Chill.

Celebrities are your friends. Not really, but you can certainly follow their every day pursuits via a little thing called Instagram.

In this week’s edition we’re catching up with The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus, Adam Bovine (guy annoying Anna Kendrick), James Corden doing his in-car karaoke thing and Robert Downey Jr just being his weird old self again. There’s even a Hugh Jackman throwback for good measure.

And finally, who can leave out Donald Trump, the next man slated to be America’s President and according to his social media, someone who “loves Hispanics”. No wall for you!


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