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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [14.05.16]

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1 of 6|Sebastian Stan|The newest star to the Marvel universe is the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan. Hit him up on Instagram to go behind the scenes of all his coolest shoots as well as travels with friends. When he's not doing that you can usually find Stan training for his next movie. Definitely more to come from this guy.
2 of 6|Mark Hamil|Luke Skywalker wants to be their father. That appears to be the case here with veteran Star Wars actor Mark Hamil chatting to the Princes William and Harry. A crash course in using the force, perhaps? Nobody knows. What we do know is that Hamil's Instagram is awesome.
3 of 6|Kevin Hart|The comedic mind of Kevin Hart returns and this time he's teaming up with old buddy David Beckham for the new H&M campaign. That's not the angle by the way, that's just Hart's actual height. Follow the guy for hilarious exploits and sappy family shots.
4 of 6|Aziz Ansari|Another comedic mind making waves in Hollywood is Aziz Ansari who hot off the back of his tv show, Master of None, is hanging out with some of the biggest names in the industry. It also looked like he took that other nobody's name to snag Gigi Hadid for a night. Nice move, Aziz. Follow Ansari on a food trip across his travels.
5 of 6|Gordon Ramsay|The king of destroying kitchen dreams is at it again and he even shows it off on his Instagram. Besides the occasional travel shot, family shot and food shot, candid shots of Gordon Ramsay telling people off can be found here.
6 of 6|Russell James|Someone has to to the hard work and that man is Russell James, dedicated photographer to the Victoria's Secret angels. It's obvious what you'll see on this Australian's account but occasionally he'll also surprise us with cool candid shots of himself like this one. A true artists doing a fine job.

Get cosy with this week’s greatest celebrity Instagrams who are well within stalking distance.

In this week’s edition we’re catching up with Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan who has been eyeing off Iron Man for God knows how long. Kevin Hart is also trolling David Beckham again for H&M’s next on the road campaign and Mark Hamil is trying some Jedi recruiting amongst royalty.

Finally we have Aussie photographer to the angels, Russell James, who literally takes photos of Victoria’s Secret angels for a living.


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