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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [21.05.16]

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1 of 6|Mark Wahlberg |Marky Mark is an avid user on Instagram and besides spruiking his latest ventures he also likes to look back at some of life's greatest adventures. This particular moment is a behind the scenes shot with his CG cast member Ted, also voiced by Seth McFarlane. Keep up to date with Wahlberg to see his latest bikes and sports adventures.
2 of 6|Scott Disick|The hilarity of Scott Disick's propensity to not give a damn was on full display this week when he posted a sponsored post for a tea company - using the exact email instructions the tea company had sent him. He promptly changed the caption when he realised the gaffe but not before some of his 16 million fans took a screenshot. Follow Disick if you like a PG rated Dan Bilzerian.
3 of 6|Ryan Reynolds|The comedic genius of Ryan Reynolds is often juvenile but innocent enough. This week he gave us a throwback of his older brother taking hime out for a ride. Needless to say things went well with Reynolds saying that his brother returned home an hour later without him. Classic Reynolds who's lucky to be alive today.
4 of 6|Jean Claude Van Damme|Van Damme gave us all a bit of nostalgia with this 80s throwback of him and Jackie Chan. The fashion alone is enough to get you to follow this iconic action star.
5 of 6|Anna Kendrick|They might look like a married couple but Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are on the media circuit for their new film, Trolls. Here's them looking cute together. Follow Kendrick for her latest behind-the-scenes film adventures.
6 of 6|Justin Timberlake|Timberlake is gearing up for his latest album that will reunite him with Pharrell Williams. Before that happens Timberlake did a performance for Eurovision which had the world's audience standing up. Follow Timberlake because he's Justin Timberlake.

Loneliness is a fleeting moment when there are celebrities on Instagram. Stalker alert? Indeed. Fun and interesting? Definitely.

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This week we’ve got six of your busiest men and women with Scott Disisck‘s hilarious gaff with his sponsored Instagram post, Ryan Reynolds throwing back to that time his older brother left him behind and Justin Timberlake’s Eurovision appearance.

All is well in celebrity land it seems.


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