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6 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [28.05.16]

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1 of 6|Barack Obama|Obama is ensuring that his final year as President of the United States is seen as his best, visiting the world and connecting with civilians like no other presidential figure has in the past. Give this man a gold medal or maybe just a follow on Instagram.
2 of 6|Hugh Jackman|It's graduation time in the states and Hugh Jackman a.k.a Wolverine decided to post a throwback photo which shows that he is indeed human after all. This is Jackman aged 16 looking nothing like the buff guy you see today. The man is cool just for posting this.
3 of 6|Arnold Schwarzenegger|Arnold fears no man, even when his colleague is no man. The big guy recently hit up a reserve to feed the wild animals whilst exclaiming that a lion was stealing his protein. Never stop being Arnold, Arnold.
4 of 6|Vin Diesel|And that's a wrap for Vin Diesel's latest action flick sequel to XXX. This intimate photo depicts two superstars of the east and west teaming up for this special project. You can definitely expect explosive action once this thing is released. That and Ruby Rose.
5 of 6|Nick Jonas|One third of the Jonas Brothers recently hit up James Corden for a jam session. Needless to say it was horrible and as Jonas put it, the guy talks too much.
6 of 6|Stephen Curry|The end of an era, the beginning of the next. This is Stephen Curry sending off Kobe Bryant in style. Follow Curry to see all his behind the scenes actions and intimate off-court antics.

Forget about your real world friends and catch up with six of the coolest celebrities on Instagram this week.

Obama is off being his usual self as a progressive world leader whilst Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the jungles taming a different kind of predator.

Hugh Jackman also gave his followers a hilarious throwback this week as he congratulated those graduating with his own geeky grad photo. Nick Jonas, Vin Diesel and baller Stephen Curry round out this week’s stalk worthy celebs who are doing awesome things in this world.

And no, you can’t sit with them.


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