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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [05.04.16]

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1 of 5|LaFerrari Spider
2 of 5|Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S
3 of 5|Exploding Cars
4 of 5|Ford Escort MKI
5 of 5|Tesla Bio Weapon Defence

Man invented the wheel so that you could read about the hottest motoring news this week. In this edition, Ferrari finally confirms the LaFerrari Spider, Volkswagen claim a hotly contested record at the Nurburgring and Tesla overcompensates again with a bio weapon defence system in their car.

#1 Ferrari CEO Confirms LaFerrari Droptop

Those who missed out the first round of sales for the LaFerrari hypercar now have a second chance – minus the roof. Sergio Marchionne who was the recently appointed Ferrari CEO confirmed in an interview with Automobile Magazine, who asked if there would be a “less extreme version of the LaFerrari”. Marchionne replied that, “the only future product connected to LaFerrari is the Spider.”

Apparently this was no secret to begin with since potential customers of the car have already been approached. So there you have it. Get those bank checks ready as the world’s wildest hairdresser’s car readies itself for production.

#2 Volkswagen GTI Clubsport S

The old adage of front wheel drive being wrong wheel drive is fast losing its credibility. After setting a blistering lap time of 7min 50s, Honda held the record for the fastest FWD hot hatch to ever lap the green hell in their Civic Type-R. This year, Volkswagen have crashed the party by wrangling that record out their hands in their 306hp GTI. That’s right, a Golf just claimed the fastest lap time for a FWD on the ring. The result can be attributed to the car’s 2.0-litre turbo borrowed from the Golf GTI TCR race car which allows it to move from 0-100km.h in 5.8s. You’ll need to work to get the most out of the car too as the absence of a DSG box in favour of a manual allows for some much welcomed weight saving. There’s no details on where the 400 units of the GTI Clubsport S will be allocated just yet but Volkswagen did mention a “worldwide” delivery.

#3 Exploding Cars By Fabian Oefner

No one loves an exploding car. The only reason one would fathom the idea would be in the name of art and graphic designer Fabian Oefner has done exactly that. By painstakingly capturing scaled down parts of a classic car, Oefner has been able to create some truly unique artwork with iconic automobiles. His latest forms part two of his series of deconstructed cars aptly named Disintegrating II. From a Bugatti 57 SC to a Ford GT40 to a Porsche 956 watch how Oefner brings his work to life in the video below.

#4 How To Sell A 1974 MK1 Ford Escort

Vintage & Cool have decided to let go of their legendary vintage rally car known as the Ford Escort MKI (it was the late Paul Walker’s car in Fast 6). But instead of listing it on carsales or craigslist, the Portuguese dealer decided to take another route – fanging the little beast in an abandoned warehouse and driving it like it was meant to be driven. The result is a cool video which shows off the car’s rally-bred credentials and 206hp engine. Watch and learn, salesmen.

#5 Tesla Bioweapon Defence Mode Is Just A Fancy Filter

This week saw Tesla releasing news of a new “bioweapon defence” tool in their electric cars. Given that Elon Musk is known for making outlandish names for the latest innovations, one shouldn’t be too surprised that this defence mode is just a HEPA filtration system – the same advanced filters found in Dyson vacum cleaners. What this device does is ensure the air inside the car is as fresh as possible at all times. Tesla says that the system is “stripping the outside air of pollen, bacteria, and pollution before they enter the cabin.” Will this sway more buyers towards a Tesla? Not likely unless you live in China.

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