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Hottest Motoring News Of The Week [19.05.16]

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Gear up for another hit of the world’s greatest motoring news from around the world. This week we’ve got Koenigsegg chasing the elusive Nürburgring record, Volvo giving us a closer look at their upcoming concept car, news on the next Toyota-BMW sportscar, McLaren‘s electric future and a closer look at the Ford GT’s carbon fibre wheels.

#1 Koenigsegg One:1 Returns To The Green Hell

The Swedes have been a bit quiet on the record front of late, letting other manufacturers like Porsche lay claim to the elusive and coveted Nürburgring track record. Well no more. Koenigsegg this week brought their hero car back to the track after laptimes were unceremoniously banned manufacturer lap records. Things have changed since then and that’s brought us to the latest Swedish onslaught primed to take back the glory from the Porsch 918’s blistering 6:57 laptime. You can view the “testing” in the video below.

#2 Volvo Previews The Future With Concepts

Volvo this week showed off two unique concepts in the 40.1 and 40.2 (imaginative right?) to light the road ahead and boy is it a cool road. Featuring striking design that is far from boxy, the pictured 40.1 will be a crossover platform whilst the 40.2 will be a sedan style hatch. Both of these cars will be built off Volvo’s new CMA platform which begins production next year. The CMA platform itself is a revised chassis layout which can effectively accommodate hybrid drive trains and battery packs in a city compact vehicle.

#3 Toyota-BMW Supercar To Be Built In Austria

It’s no secret that Japanese giant Toyota has been working with BMW since 2011 to create their next sports car platform. What is news though is a report pointing out that both cars will be built by an Austrian manufacturer called Magna Steyr at its Graz plant. The independent car maker currently builds the Mini Countryman and Paceman as well as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class so it’s safe to say that it won’t be a backyard job. The sportscar platform itself will help spawn the successor to BMW’s Z4 and Toyota’s Supra. Production has been hinted to start in 2018 with BMW and Toyota signing off on just 60,000 units each. Keep saving, lads.

#4 The Next McLaren P1 Could Go Full Electric

McLaren is continuing to drop stronger hints that their P1 hypercar successor could be fully electric in the coming decade. The British outfit has devised a program called Track 22 which outlines a list of goals the company wants achieved by 2022. One of those goals is to determine whether or not the McLaren P1 (P2?) will be viable as a fully electric hypercar. Those who fear the loss of the legendary McLaren noise need not worry though. A McLaren rep said that although the decision is still far from being made, one thing the company is certain about is that the car must sound and feel like a McLaren. In other words, it’ll most likely retain some form of an internal combustion engine unless the car intends to play fake engine noises.

#5 Ford GT Carbon Fibre Wheels

The car that no one seems to be able to get their hands on now has similarly exotic wheels to go with it. Carbon fibre wheels will be an optional extra for lucky owners of the US$450,000 Ford GT which will come in a batch of just 7,000 examples. The wheels are made by Australian company Carbon Revolution and should easily exceed the price of their standard CR9 carbon wheels which currently retails for $15,000 a set. On the plus side the wheels will shed 1kg off each corner from the standard forged alluminium wheels, leading to better traction, handling and braking performance. Given you could afford a $450,000 car, what’s another $15,000 on top? See how they’re made below.




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