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Blake Lively Takes On A Monster In ‘The Shallows’

Shark movies haven’t exactly been taken seriously in the past decade with such spoof titles as Sharknado and its respective sequels. Blake Lively is out to change that this year when her new shark thriller, The Shallows, gears up to give audiences a genuine scare when it hits theatres in June.

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The film centres around Lively’s character who has come about a secluded beach which appears to be paradise. Things quickly turn into a nightmare when a giant great white shark appears and unsurprisingly eats everyone. Lively is left stranded on a small island rock just under a hundred metres from shore and needs to figure out a way to reach land.

Part Jaws, part Oceans Eleven, this doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. Much of it probably has to do with Lively’s convincing acting as the next Ripley. Or the fact that she’s married to Deadpool.

The film opens in Australia on August 18.


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