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UK’s Spy Agency Joins Twitter, Immediately Follows James Bond

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Be afraid. Britain’s real life spy agency has officially joined Twitter to give the public a greater insight into its work (that’s not how intelligence agencies are meant to work, right?)

On a more serious note though, the GCHQ which is an acronym for Government Communications Headquarters, joined the social media site to clean up the image it received after the damaging Edward Snowden leaks of 2013. The saga identified the GCHQ as one of the agencies that had widespread digital surveillance programs running in the U.S as part of a joint effort with the NSA.

One suspects they also joined Twitter so that they could specifically follow their onscreen idol, James Bond.


The spy agency’s first tweet was a simple, “Hello, world,” which is often a term used by those who are learning computer code. GCHQ’s Director of Communications Andre Pike said that, “in joining social media GCHQ can use its own voice to talk directly about the important work we do in keeping Britain safe”.

If following James Bond is a way to keep Britain safe then we’re both worried and hopeful that the GCHQ could be hinting at their own Bond program. Highly doubtful but one can dream…

Meanwhile new followers of the GCHQ have been hilariously taking the piss out of the agency’s arrival on social media. See below.

Given the GCHQ have joined Twitter to show their support for their on-screen counterpart, perhaps they’d also like to know how to get James Bond’s style. Just an afterthought.


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