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Apparently Being Jealous At Work Is Actually Good For You

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It’s a given that we suffer from a bit of Tall Poppy Syndrome here in Australia, so that’s why when the office douchebag starts bragging about his promotion or pay rise we tend to feel that burn of jealously bad. A recent study, however, suggests that career jealousy could actually be good for you.

Research shows that malicious envy (when you have destructive feelings about others) doesn’t actually improve performance benign envy (the kind that spurs self-reflection and self-improvement) is actually a healthy motivator and leads to better performance.

Apparently, the jealousy you feel, whether it be about someone’s job satisfaction or pay check is telling you something about what you want and can become a tool for getting what you want.

So don’t start gluing old mate’s stapler to the desk in hopes of a mood boost, but by letting your jealousy motivate you, you could be kicking goals in no time.


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