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Chelsea Ditches Adidas To Lock In $120m-a-year Kit Deal With Nike

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English football team Chelsea are about to sign off on the second biggest deal in the Premiere League which will be worth $120 million a year.

The new kit sponsorship deal with American giant Nike will see Chelsea part ways with Adidas at the end of the next season six years early. A driving factor for this could be the fact that the Adidas kit deal was previously worth just $60.5 million annually, a figure that will be doubled by Nike.

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Chelsea themselves won’t be participating in Europe next season as rumours swell about the early termination of the Adidas-Chelsea contract. The Daily Mail reported that Chelsea was growing tired of the German sportswear label concentrating more on teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus, as well as signing on new players.

Chelsea’s new Nike deal will significantly tower over teams such as Manchester City who also have a $24 million deal with Nike and Arsenal’s $60.5 million deal with Puma.

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[via Daily Mail]


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