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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: Nick Jonas, Common & Sacha Baron Cohen

When all else fails in a man’s wardrobe, it’s time to take some inspiration from those in the know. This week’s celebrity looks for less includes three men with three unique styles. If a revamped Sasha Cohen Baron, Nick Jonas and Common can’t save your wardrobe woes, nothing can.


Breaking It Down

Every man has their own style and the best way to accommodate for everyone’s style is to give them three options that are both simple and stylish to pull off. This leads us into this week’s stars which includes pop star Nick Jonas, rapper and recording artist Common, and the surprisingly stylish Sasha Cohen Baron on the red carpet. The style spectrum is straight forward too, moving from formal to smart casual to the classic streetwear. Let’s get stuck into it.

Nick Jonas


Starting his entertainment life as one third of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas has taken it upon himself to being one of this generation’s best dressers in the business. This particular look he rocks resonates a coming of age style but still holds onto a bit of youth and vibrancy in the combination. It’s clean, it’s cool and definitely borrows from the nautical theme with the pairing of navy, stripes and beige hues. Overall it’s a great outfit to rock that won’t break the budget in anyway. Be sure to let the coloured dress shoes be the star of this outfit.

Blazer: H&M – $89.95
Pants: Topman – £25.00
Shirt: Topman – £25.00
Shoes: Florsheim – $169.95
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar – $10



Rapper and recording artist Common has been on the scene for a lifetime and his solid, no-nonsense streetwear style is reflective of this. It’s a murdered-out affair with Common’s ensemble channeling the classic black to dominate his entire red carpet outfit. For a similar and cheaper alternative to Common’s look, go for a black bomber, skinny black jeans, black longline tee and a pair of Nike Prestos shod in black. The combined outfit will guarantee you a sleek and timeless street look. If you feel the black is a bit overbearing, swap out the black sneakers for a white pair of Stan Smiths, Common Projects or NOTAs.

Jacket: Topman – £60.00
Pants: ASOS – $41.16
Shirt: ASOS – $28.81
Shoes: MR PORTER – $152

Sasha Cohen Baron


The master of crude comedy surprised the world recently when he stepped out onto the red carpet for his latest film looking nothing like the Sasha Baron Cohen we know. That’s not a bad thing either as it was a classic navy suit paired with tan dress shoes, skinny tie, pocket square and a tie pin.

Simple, timeless and never understated, Cohen showed the world that any man can look good with the right pop of colour and a good fitting suit. What’s better? This easy suit combo can be replicated on the cheap if you look in the right places. The fabric quality won’t be up to scratch against bespoke and made to measure but that’s not the point here. If it’s a quick fashion fix you need, your answer is right below.

Suit: ASOS – $175
Shoes: Aquila – $169
Tie: The Tie Bar – $19
Tie pin: The Tie Bar – $15
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar – $10

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