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David Bowie Left A Beautiful Secret Hidden In His Final Album

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The Starman has proved, once again, why he is one of the biggest stars ever to grace the music world. The cover of David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar, seen above, appears simple at first glace: a five-pointed star cut into the cover, black on black. But as fans recently discovered, the album holds a galactic secret.

Under the right conditions, the black paper beneath the cover’s cut-out star reveals a shining field of stars. A user of the image-sharing site Imgur accidentally discovered the secret galaxy when he left the album exposed to sunlight. Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, shared the discovery in a tweet and soon fans around the world were on the hunt.

David Bowie Blackstar


Further investigation found that the mechanism is less complicated. A strong light from any source shone through the cover exposes the starscape on the interior, revealing the same pattern on the exterior of the cover. Note that the phenomenon appears to occur only in the vinyl version of the album — not the CD.

The discovery adds yet another element to the mystery surrounding Blackstar, which many see as a parting gift from the musician, and serves as a posthumous reminder that few will ever match the artistry of David Bowie.


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