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DHL Will Soon Be Making Parcel Deliveries Via Drone

The age of the postman is all but over with the latest drone technology slowly encroaching into everyday life. With Amazon already trialling their shopping delivery service via drone, DHL have also jumped on board with a serious focus on saving lives.

Parcelcopter is DHL’s answer to delivering sizeable packages to people in the most remote spaces where cars and rail lines cannot access. The technology has been in the testing phase for the past three months with repeat deliveries being made to a snow-massed region in Bavaria, Germany.

The drone itself will be capable of flying larger or multiple packages due to its sizeable length of over two metres and a weight of just 2kg. Delivery time is also a major hurdle that DHL appear to have overcome with the Parcelcopter able to reach 70km/h.

All parcels are protected and enclosed within the craft’s storage compartment and the only way the mail will get lost is if the drone crashes. DHL will continue to trial the drone in numerous isolated locations before it officially sees postman duties.


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