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Mayweather Vs McGregor To Be Confirmed In Coming Weeks

The rumour mill has been churning away over the weekend about a purported match between two of the fighting world’s greatest heavyweights, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

That’s right, two completely different disciplines, two superstars of their respective sport going head-to-head in a billion dollar fight. The pair have been dancing around the idea of an MMA Vs Boxing style exhibition since last week which all started with an exclusive announcement from The Sun outlining the richest fight in boxing history.

As natural born talkers, both McGregor and Mayweather have openly endorsed the rumours with Maywether telling that, “it’s possible. It was a name that was shot at me. The rumours that y’all been hearing is the rumours that I started. It may not be a rumour, keep y’all fingers crossed, it may be a boxer versus an MMA fighter.”


He added that the price to pique his interest and get things rolling is “$100 million or better.”

In response to that, McGregor fuelled the flames by mocking up a photoshop image depicting himself and Mayweather in a stand off with a caption: “MMA Vs Boxing.”

Most insiders at the moment are calling this development nothing more than a hype to get the money heads talking but that hasn’t stopped the pair from attempting to break the internet. It’s also important to remember that Mayweather spruiked his fight with Manny Pacquiao for years before it actually eventuated.

McGregor himself isn’t the most trustworthy guy too, after telling the world via a tweet that his cancelled fight between Nate Diaz was back on – which it isn’t.

The Sun believes the Las Vegas showdown will be announced in the coming weeks. Whether or not anyone else chooses to believe it will be entirely down to the money on the table.


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