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Givenchy’s Parisian Break Is The Sweet Scent Of Escape

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Every man of style deserves a break. A moment to stop, breathe and take some time out. Givenchy‘s latest men’s fragrance gives you just that, in a ‘Parisian Break’.

Picture this: a man who leaves his hectic life behind for a delightful escapade along the river Seine. Heads turn, and passers-by are fascinated in equal measure by his nonchalance and his elegance as he never loses sight of what’s most important: good manners and style.

Givenchy’s Parisian Break is the fresh, woody trail left behind this gentleman – the sweet scent of escape. On first sniff, Parisian Break is undeniably sweet with a natural radiance of petitgrain lemon blends, and a fresh, almost salty seaspray of Nepalese mint.

An aromatic heart of sage extends the scent’s freshness, unfolding as a charming smile into a sensual woodiness, sweet-talked by elegant Haitian vetiver and ambroxan.

The bottle in crystal clear pale blue, is decorated with a sketch of the Sein, near l’Ile de la Cité where the cathedral of Notre Dame is located.

Far from the artifices of worldly living, Givenchy’s Parisian Break is for the travelling gentleman who craves intense freedom, boundless insouciance and a form of surrender. There’s nothing like a good day off.


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