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Google Has Finally Released An Instant Messaging App

It’s been Google a long time coming but Google has finally launched their own instant messaging service which will be available as an app on iOS and Android handsets.

Called Allo, the instant messaging service will be easily distinguishable from its existing Google Hangouts and G Chat platforms that have been run on G-mail in the past. Allo will instead be a standalone messaging service similar to Whatsapp with a wider range of customisable texting features as well as Snapchat’s popular drawing feature.

It’s a tough ask to get the billions of users around the world from changing over to a new messaging platform but if Viber and Facebook could do it, Google also has a good chance. Backing up this venture is Google’s own built-in search assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri, which you can ask questions and make reservations from.

Google searches via Allo will come with Chrome’s Incognito Mode which encrypts conversations from end-to-end for peace of mind.

Allo will launch later this year and be free to download on iOS and Android.


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