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GoPro Traces The Deadly Crash & Recovery Of Base Jumper Jeb Corliss

Most base jumpers are aware of the dangers of the sport well before they take it on as a full time hobby. Every now and then though, fear tends to escape the mind after countless successful runs.

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This was the case for American base jumper Jeb Corliss who took his efforts to South Africa in 2012 and paid a huge price when he soared too close to the rocks and skimmed his lower body. Corliss broke both his ankles, three toes, a fibular and tore his left Anterior ligament. He also sustained a serious skin wound which required multiple skin grafts to close.

Miraculously, Corliss survived that deadly accident and is today base jumping again with a newfound respect for the sport. GoPro documented Corliss’ accident from day one and has retold his long journey to recovery whilst sharing a few life lessons along the way. Definitely one of the lucky few.


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