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GoPro Presents ‘When We Were Knights’: The Reality Of Base Jumping

Most of us see the sport of base jumping as black and white. For the crazy, perhaps. For the cool viral footage, no doubt. What a lot of audiences don’t see however is the struggle to keep living when one of your base jumping partners dies from a stunt that’s been done a million times.

GoPro teamed up with acclaimed director Anson Fogel to tell the story of two of the world’s most active base jumpers, Ian Flanders and Matt Blank, who had their world shattered when Flanders accidentally died on a routine jump. This is an intimate story of two friends who faced risks on a daily basis and the fight to come out on top for one of them.

The footage is a combination of GoPro and non-GoPro gear, a first for GoPro dude to the sensitive nature of the story. It’s a truly moving story that delves into the motivation and boundless friendship that survives well beyond one’s passing. It is also easily one of the best GoPro-backed projects to date.


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