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7 Home Buys That Are Worth The Splurge

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1 of 7|Mattress & Linens|You'll spend a third of your life sleeping, so it behooves you to buy the best mattress and bedding you can afford. The right sheets will feel good, not pill, and hold up through many wash cycles. The right mattress is harder to nail down, since there's no one right answer. Your body type, lifestyle, and favourite sleeping positions will factor into choosing the mattress that serves you best.
2 of 7|Dining Room Set|Do you consider yourself an entertainer? How about a cook? If the answer to either is yes – and frankly, even if it's not – securing a quality dining set is a must. The table and chairs command the most attention in the space, so cheaping out on them means cheapening the entire dining room. Invest in furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and well made – not only is it a conversation piece, it could become a family heirloom.
3 of 7|Kitchen Knives|You wouldn't shave with a dull blade, and you shouldn't cook with one either. Spending money on good cutlery means saving money in the long run. What you don't need, unless you fancy yourself an amateur chef, is a complicated set. A few carefully chosen, versatile models will do the trick. “But wait,” you're thinking, “I don't know a boning knife from a butter knife. Why should I invest my hard-earned in something I can barely use?” A sharp, professional knife fits your hand easier and is safer to use, lowering the chances that your clumsy fingers will land you in the ER.
4 of 7|Sofa|The amount of money you spend on a piece of furniture should be proportional with you frequently you use it. Since most of us devote a significant amount of time to the sofa (Netflix isn't going to watch itself), it's worth it to splash out on something that's comfortable, well crafted, and in line with your taste in interior design. A good couch can last longer than most Hollywood marriages.
5 of 7|Tools|If you're an avid DIY-er, a solid set of tools is essential. And even if you're not, every household should have a few of the basics available in case of emergency. Investing in quality means your tools will be easier to use and last you a long time. Because the only kind of screwdriver you want to buy over and over again comes with alcohol.
6 of 7|Energy Efficiency|By now you've noticed a trend: most splurge-worthy household items are smart buys because they save you money down the line. A less obvious addition to that list is energy efficiency. Whether that means appliances or insulation, designing an energy efficient home is both good for the planet and good for your wallet. You'll forget all about the sting of paying more upfront when you see that low utility bill.
7 of 7|Art You Love|Most of your money should go to necessities, especially if you're cash-strapped, with this notable exception: artwork. Avoid the bargain bin, mass-produced, painfully generic pieces and choose works that really speak to you. You won't regret filling your home with art you find beautiful, stimulating, and emotionally resonant. And if you choose wisely, your collection may even build value over the years.

When flat pack furniture no longer cuts it, it’s time to splash out on your first investment pieces. As Aziz would say, “Treat yo’ self.”

After years of budget-conscious buying, it can be hard to loosen the purse strings and shake out the piggy bank – but the truth is, as much as you love a bargain, in some areas more money really does mean better quality.

Do we even need to bother with the off-the-rack vs bespoke comparison here? You get the picture.


Some home buys are worth splurging on no matter what. Here are seven of the best household items to invest in, whether you’re purchasing for the first time or looking to upgrade what you already have. Extra bang for every extra buck – guaranteed.

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