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10 Incredible Homes From The Movies You Wish You Lived In

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1 of 10|The Big Lebowski & Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle|1998 & 2003
2 of 10|Sleeper|1973
3 of 10|Ferris Bueller's Day Off|1986
4 of 10|Blade Runner|1982
5 of 10|The Godfather|1972
6 of 10|Under The Tuscan Sun|2003
7 of 10|Twilight|2009-2012
8 of 10|Diamonds Are Forever|1971
9 of 10|The Wolf Of Wall Street|2013
10 of 10|L.A. Confidential|1997

There’s no doubt that a good movie is made even greater by set design and the location in which it is filmed. Where would any 007 flick be without those epic villain lairs, or period pieces without the opulence of an authentic castle?

In honour of some of the world’s most iconic films, we’re shining a light on the incredible and mind-blowing homes in which they were filmed. From the awesome glass walls of Cameron Frye’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, to the luxury of The Wolf Of Wall Street‘s penthouse apartment and the architectural masterpiece that is the home from Woody Allen’s 1973 comedy Sleeper.

Click through the slideshow for more unforgettable homes from the movies you wish you lived in. 


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