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Get The Celebrity Look For Less: John Legend, Chris Pine & Matt Bomer

No idea what to wear this week? Slip into the coolest threads of this week’s celebrities who are making good with their talent and wardrobe. In the spotlight is crooner John Legend and actors Chris Pine and Matt Bomer who are all showing us how to score three perfect looks for three separate occasions. Gather around, dapper children.


Breaking It Down

Classic style will always be a timeless affair but for this week we’re taking a dip into the modern wardrobe of the celebrities to see how traditional pieces can be worn in a fresh way that’s fit for 2016. Taking the lead is John Legend who is adding a serious dose of high fashion to the streetwear scene with a traditional bomber decked out in cool details. Chris Pine is also bending rules by mixing street with formal via a jersey blazer worn more like a cardigan. For the traditionalists, we have Matt Bomer who has taken the classic two-tone double breasted suit and turned it into a modern look with the addition of a skinny tie and a slimmer cut. Let’s get into it.

John Legend


Bombers are making a huge comeback this year and that’s a good thing with heaps of fresh designs rolling out from many of your favourite labels. Keep an eye on the latest designs as bombers are becoming less functional and more fashionable with different materials being used to give a more streamlined look whilst ditching the puffy look of traditional ones. John Legend has gone for Saint Laurent’s version which retails for well over $2,000 but alas, you’re not John Legend and it’s probable that you also don’t have $2,000 to blow on a jacket. Places like ASOS, ZARA and Topman are your friends in this case. Go for a bomber with similar white lining patterns and pair it with a washed black pair of jeans. The rest is rather simple with a white tee, Vans or Converse high tops and wayfarers to get you on the way.

Jacket: ASOS – $133.76
Jeans:  ASOS – $61.73
Shirt: H&M – $14.95 
Shoes: Vans – $65
Sunglasses: Topman – £10.00

Chris Pine


In the real world this Star Trek actor likes to ditch the space cadet uniform for something a bit more contemporary that blends both street and suiting elements. Pine breaks the rules by buttoning up his jersey blazer all the way, unfurling the collar and wearing it like a cardigan. It’s an odd way to wear it but the flexible jersey material definitely lends itself to the look and turns it into something special. Pair it with a simple white tee, black biker jeans, black high tops and a pair of aviators and you’ll be pining for glory in no time.

Blazer: ASOS – $82.29
Jeans: Calibre – $269
Shirt: ASOS – $12.35
Shoes: Converse – $75.00
Sunglasses: Topman – £18.00

Matt Bomer


It’s no real surprise that the White Collar actor can rock a good suit. In this particular outfit Bomer pairs a modern fit with classic tones via a navy double breasted blazer paired with herringbone grey trousers. The traditional two tone look is brought forward to 2016 with a red polka dot skinny tie and the addition of a pocket square and tie clip. The rest is textbook dapper with a blue pinstripe oxford shirt and a patterned derby shoe shod in black. We can’t stress this enough, keep everything cut slim. Try them on and return it if you must. The key to Bomer’s winning look here isn’t so much the style but more so how closely the suit is cut to the body.

Blazer: Topman – £120.00
Shirt: ASOS – $32.92
Trousers: ASOS – $37.02
Tie: The Tie Bar – $19
Pocket Square: The Tie Bar – $10
Shoes: Aquila – $289

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