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Justin Timberlake Did Not Bring Sexy Back In His Latest Music Video

Holster those tomatoes. It’s true, Justin Timberlake has completely ditched sexy for his latest choir boy get up which is bound to rule the airwaves over the American Summer.

In Timberlake’s defence it is a song for the upcoming family movie Trolls, but it’s been so long since Timberlake has produced a music video with a serious dose of sex appeal that most would probably be wondering if the revival of his Mickey Mouse Club days are on the cards (will somebody please think of the N’sync fans too).

Nonetheless, Timberlake’s new music video takes an obvious page out of Pharrell‘s ‘Happy’ with hordes of jubilant dancing actors in different scenarios doing their best to pull off mundane dance moves. There will be no lawsuit though as the pair will once again team up for Timberlake’s upcoming album – a move not seen since his debut album ‘Justified’ landed in 2002.


Timberlake also makes a few appearances in an all-white outfit which is probably a nod back to the year where he donned the full denim alongside then girlfriend, Britney. Hit play and start vomiting rainbows and sunshine.


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