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The Latest iPhone 7 Rumours Are Here

As Apple continues to keep us on the edge of our seats a fresh batch of rumours regarding the highly anticipated iPhone 7 release are circulating through the tech community. Stop playing Chinese Whispers and read on for our rundown of all the latest iPhone 7 rumours.

#1 Size & Thickness


Original artist renderings of the new iPhone suggest that it could have a larger edge-to-edge display and other reports also suggest that the iPhone 7 will be thinner than the current 6s.

#2 Headphone Jack


As we recently speculated, the iPhone 7 is rumoured to do away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack for either Bluetooth connectivity or an adaptor to play audio through a Lightning port.

#3 Battery


Apparently, the iPhone 7 will have a bigger battery – a 3100 mAh battery to be specific – which means you won’t wake up on a Sunday stranded with a hangover and a dead phone.

#4 Speakers


French site NoWhereElse have revealed new images of the iPhone 7 that feature extra speakers, similar to Apple’s iPads that feature speakers along the device’s top and bottom edges, meaning you’ll be able to pump powerful party beats without a Bluetooth speaker, straight from your phone.

#5 Camera


NoWhereElse are also speculating that the iPhone 7 will have a larger camera hole, complimenting rumours of a high-quality dual-lens camera. Other rumours suggest that the camera will have better light sensitivity and offer better low-light performance.

#6 Accessories


Apple’s new Smart Keyboard which is compatible with iPad Pro accessories is rumoured to also be compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus via a Smart Connector. The keyboard is a must-have as it does away with complicated switches and plugs and simply snaps into your iPad, or potentially iPhone.


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