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Levi’s 501 Birthday Documents The Rise Of Denim In Japan

Levi’s has been celebrating the birthday of their 501 jeans over the past few months with several different episodes showcasing the influence that the 501 design has had on the world.

In episode four, Levi’s takes audiences to the fashion mecca of Japan to talk to the country’s best fashion influencers, American denim collectors and designers about the arrival of Levi’s into the country during the 50s.

It’s an intriguing snippet which reveals Japan’s appreciation for aesthetic quality in one of the most common wardrobe products – even to the point where US$10,000 vintage jeans are considered a necessity.

Narration of the beautifully filmed clip was done by Craig Stecyk who himself is a surf and skate pioneer portrayed in the film, ‘Lords of Dogtown’. To get a better scope of the influence Levi’s has had on the country, Stecyk chats to the founders of BAPE, NEIGHBORHOOD, FUCT, Verbal, AMBUSH and a denim motorcycle gang.

This is a phenomenon definitely worth learning about.


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