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Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week: World’s Coolest Cocktails Are Coming To Sydney

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Prepare yourselves, cocktail aficionados. The people behind Maker’s Mark bourbon are gearing up to kick off a wild week of concocting the world’s best cocktails across some of the city’s finest bars and hidden drinking holes.

The Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week event will run from May 12th to the 20th, coinciding nicely with Sydney Fashion Week. That’s right – tight threads and handcrafted cocktails will be joining forces across the city to make for one stylish celebration.

Participating bars will all feature their own unique and modern take on the old fashioned cocktail with no two recipes being the same. Bar teams from Sydney’s The Commons, Earl’s Juke Joint, Papa Gede’s, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern, Riley St Garage, The Roosevelt, Shirt Bar, Soda Factory, Stitch Bar, The Village Inn, The Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel and The Wild Rover will all be participating so finding your favourite cocktail will be a mission of the fun kind.

There will also be a launch party on May 11 at Newtown’s Earl’s Juke Joint whilst the week will also come with an intimate ‘True Maker’s’ workshop at The Wild Rover on the 18th where guests can get tips from career handcrafters such as artist Anthony Lister and surfboard shaper Simon Anderson.

The Perfect Blend NSW State Final Winner, Dale Schoon of Earl’s Juke Jointsaid that, “the great thing about an Old Fashioned is it makes whisky more approachable. Maker’s Mark is perfect for the job. Switching rye out for wheat makes for a sweeter, softer spirit and in turn, a gentle sipping Old Fashioned with a long, warm finish.”

Tickets for the True Maker’s session will be on sale next week via Ticketbooth and come with an Old Fashioned on arrival.




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