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12+ Best Men’s Fashion & Style Books

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1 of 12|Bespoke: Men's Style of Savile Row
2 of 12|Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion
3 of 12|Icons of Men's Style
4 of 12|Take Ivy
5 of 12|Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style
6 of 12|Esquire The Handbook of Style: A Man's Guide to Looking Good
7 of 12|Handmade Shoes For Men
8 of 12|Clothes and the Man: The Principles of Fine Men's Dress
9 of 12|Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style
10 of 12|Bereolaesque: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book For The Urban Sophisticate
11 of 12|Fashionisto: A Century Of Style Icons
12 of 12|IndulGENT

To me, owning a collection of men’s fashion books has always been important. Not only for impressing ladies when they visit, but for learning stuff too. Whilst I do tend to purchase photography books more than mens style books, they’re still an important part of the collection. These top men’s style books offer everything from style icons, to suits, etiquette and accessories. There’s nothing you won’t know after reading these.

Best Men’s Fashion Books: The Lowdown

#1 Bespoke: Men’s Style of Savile Row

I’ve only recently purchased this book and it’s nothing short of impressive. From Huntsman to Henry Poole, through war times to today, Bespoke – The Men’s Style of Saville Row is one of the best men’s fashion books for any style aficionado. BUY

#2 Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion

A tour of men’s clothing that will never go out of style is what all men search for. This book explains how to mix patterns, what to look for when trying on clothes, correct positioning for a bow tie and how to look a million bucks. Elegant and sophisticated. A must read! BUY

#3 Icons of Men’s Style

Recently purchased, it’s a great collection of classics. Not only the gents, but the gadgets, garments and accessories which have been made famous by movies, music and culture. Just a good coffee table book to own. BUY

#4 Take Ivy

Originating from Japan and first published in 1968, Take Ivy is a look into the world of the preppy men’s style movement. Personally, just the thought of Grammar School schmucks makes me want to eat glass, but I’ll put my opinions aside and recommend this book for the shelf. BUY

#5 Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style

Covering the authoritative fashion history of the roots, growth, and offshoots of the quintessentially American preppy style, this is one of the best men’s fashion books to please the polo shirt and chino wearing types. Preppy offers the first definitive and in-depth volume on preppy fashion, exploring its evolution from its pragmatic origins and presence on elite Eastern campuses in America to its profound influence internationally and metamorphosis on the runway. BUY

#6 Esquire The Handbook of Style: A Man’s Guide to Looking Good

The clever chaps at Esquire have created this great little handbook of style. Never shall yee be alone in the wardrobe of life. Pragmatic, illustrated and laced with Esquire’s trademark humor, Esquire The Handbook of Style brings readers vital information on every aspect of a man’s wardrobe. We rate it ever so highly. BUY

#7 Handmade Shoes For Men

I love shoes. Yeah I know, that’s something a woman says, but who cares. Women always looks at a man’s shoes, so they should always be quality. This little ripper features special essays that provide insights into the history of shoe fashion and the shoemaking craft, while color photographs illustrate each stage in the making of these works of art in leather. Noice. BUY

#8 Clothes and the Man: The Principles of Fine Men’s Dress

A sense of style is acquired, says menswear designer Flusser, which I disagree with, I know someone who was born with it. Jerk. The ultimate aim of this book is to try to educate the reader about the basic principles of fine dressing. There are tips on fit and colour coordination, recommendations for appropriate wear for different occasions, and clothing suggestions for other-than-average figures. BUY

#9 Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style

Nordstrom are a powerhouse of men’s fashion, so this book is no exception. Designed to help us blokes tell the difference between your herringbone, your seersucker, your pinstripe and your checks. One of the more simple tell-all men’s fashion books. BUY

#10 Bereolaesque: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book For The Urban Sophisticate

Chosen because of it’s funny name, this book is more on the etiquette tip, but still packs enough fashion punch to teach you right from wrong. Great black and white photography and writing designed to banish the boring gent. Leather jackets are ok, kids. BUY

#11 Fashionisto: A Century Of Style Icons

Another one of the more style icon-focused men’s fashion books, but refreshing enough to keep you more than occupied. The lowdown: A century of style icons are profiled here in their finery and frippery, making for a colourful and inspiring flick. BUY

#12 IndulGENT

IndulGENT is the complete style guide for the modern man. For the savvy fashionista looking for confirmation they are on the right path to the novice thirsty for knowledge and an understanding of where to start. Lacks 26 years of fashion industry experience has been condensed into an easy to read chunky little man bible. BUY




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