This Minimalist Polish Apartment Is A Female-Friendly Bachelor Pad

You’ve played all your cards right and you’ve scored a date with a lady, back at your place. But when that door swings open, what will she see? If it’s your dirty undies hanging off the bed post, a pile of wet towels and/or kitschy print linen you inherited from your mum, she’ll be running out that door faster than you can pour her a glass of cheap wine.

Instead, take some interior style cues from this amazing minimalist apartment in Krakow, Poland. Designed by BLACKHAUS Karol Ciepliñski Architekt, the apartment dates back to 1934 and is absolutely ideal for the single man on-the-go. Its clean white walls and kitchen leave room for more inviting characteristics like wooden floorboards and clever accessories like a magnificent deer head mounted on the wall, an intricate armchair, lush plants and minimalistic wooden side table.

The best part of this Krakow apartment has to be the bathroom. Almost all-black, the bathroom features quirky optical illusion floor tiles, a simple basin, stunning round mirror and an uber-arty ceiling print of the Johannes Vermeer’s classic painting ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. You’ll be scoring multiple sleepovers and appear very much the cultured bastard in this Polish gem.

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