5 Stationery Brands Every Man Needs In His Office

Taiwan is a progressive place, full of quirky restaurant concepts, lush forests, delicious food and plenty of other far-out things to do. One thing Taiwan has also mastered is the art of good stationery.

We’re not talking your average leaky biro and ragged Spirax notebook, either. We’re referring to innovative and exciting stationery products for the gentleman who cares about the tools he uses at his office, whether it be at work or at home.

Leading trend authority WGSN has tapped into the burgeoning Taiwanese stationery scene and nominated 5 companies discovered at the Taipei, Taiwan creative expo. Consider these next time you’re organising, cataloguing, storing, filing or just stocking up the office. Check them out below.

#1 Blacktail

Blacktail’s latest collection uses recycled waste from East Taiwan that is pulverised then pressurized into a lightweight composite fabric that can be shaped into laptop cases, pouches and soft storage containers. Talk about one man’s trash being another’s treasure.


#2 Beyond Object

Beyond Object sells stationery from a young design studio between London and Taipei and have made quite a name for themselves from Maison & Objet Paris to Milan Design Week. The brand claims to be “different from the norm”, blending sleek contemporary lines with an affordable price point (thanks to clever crowdfunding, fairs and exhibitions). The ‘sculptural’ USB key is a must-see.


#3 Ystudio

Ystudio has been around since 2012 but continues “linking past memories with modern life”. The result? Classic yet fresh writing accessories designed to be treasured and passed on. Ystudio places emphasis on brass and gilded details, from pens, to magnets and pen containers.


#4 No. 30

Did you know that the no. 30 is the number assigned to zinc in the periodic table? It’s also the core material used in No. 30 stationery products. The brand sprouted from a 40-year-old family-run factory from Changhua, Taiwan and since 2013 has collaborated with international designers to explore contemporary interpretations of metal, smooth colours, mirrored finishes and inner hand-painted enamel coating for mix-n-match stationery storage solutions.


#5 Danzo Studio

Born in 2013, Danzo Studio is the brainchild of Wei-Lun Tseng who first founded the brand as a creative collective and now collaborates with various brands as well as producing Danzo signature stationery for men who love simplicity and an industrial aesthetic. The brand’s latest collection, Landscape, features a set of desktop accessories composed of aluminium alloy and inspired by the rift valley of East Taiwan.


You’ll never look at your tape dispenser the same.

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