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What Makes The Perfect Burger (It’s Simpler Than You Think)

Nick Solares – the man who showed us what the world’s most expensive steak tastes like and taught us how a Michelin-starred chef makes a hamburger – is back with another video for your inner carnivore.

In the latest episode of The Meat Show, Solares is on the hunt for the perfect burger. His quest brings him to a Dallas steakhouse called Knife for a taste of their “Ozersky Burger” — a tribute to Nick’s dear friend, acclaimed food writer and avid meat lover Josh Ozersky, who died a year ago at the age of 47.

Though Solares has tasted his fair share of fanciful creations, the Ozersky Burger is remarkably simple: American cheese, red onion, a white bun, and, of course, a glorious circle of beef.


“Josh Ozersky was one of the giants of hamburgers and of meat-cooking and meat-eating,” says Solares. “It is a testament to his life and to everything that he thought was fantastic about the American cheeseburger.”

Watch the video above to see exactly what goes in to the world’s tastiest eulogy.


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