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Go Retrofuturistic With POPULAR SCIENCE Pre-Fall 2016

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If you haven’t seen the men’s fashion that has been coming out of Korea as of late, it’s a good time to familiarise yourself. One way to start your Korean fashion education is with new label POPULAR SCIENCE, and its 2016 pre-fall collection.

Titled “Warp to the Future Past”, POPULAR SCIENCE’s fresh offering features a retrofuturist aesthetic in 60’s and 70’s-inspired streetwear pieces, like pop colour and print sweaters, bombers with contrasting sleeves, drop crotch shorts layered over leggings and cropped trousers and woollen coats, plus a range of avant-garde accessories like mirrored visors and ski goggles for the more experimental men of style. Very Star Trek.

Check out the stylised video lookbook below and POPULAR SCIENCE’s web store that is reopening online next month.


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