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Good News: Your Sex Life Will Improve With Age

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We can only assume that your first time, much like everybody else’s, wasn’t your finest moment. It’s awkward, it’s messy and it’s never as good as you think it’s going to be. However, the good news is, as you descend into the depths of old age, your sex life is only going to get better.

A new study, conducted by The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada and funded by condom giant Trojan, has found that people over 40 are not only still having sex, but they’re much more adventurous in bed than they were in previous decades.

Researchers came to this conclusion after surveying 2,400 people between the ages of 40 and 59 to gain insights into their sexual health, happiness, and pleasure in addition to their sexual behaviours and attitudes.


The study found that 75% of those surveyed reported having a sexual encounter in the previous 12 months, with 71% saying they had sex in the last 6 months, which basically means if you’re over 40, things are heating up between the sheets.

The survey also found that 63% of those surveyed said they were “more interested in trying new things to enhance pleasure”, than they were a decade ago.

Why did the study focus on the middle-aged? Well, according to the survey’s executive director Alex McKay, the 40-59 demographic were chosen for the study because those individuals are from a generation that “saw society take a more liberal turn to sexuality and…grew up with the idea that sexuality was something to be enjoyed.”

We can’t let 18-year-olds have all the fun.

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