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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #81

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1 of 6|Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Drone Blaster
2 of 6|Whaletone Royal Digital Piano
3 of 6|Levi's x Google Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket
4 of 6|Lamborghini Aurum Carbon Fibre Trolley
5 of 6|COSMOS Clock Speaker
6 of 6|Don Draper's 1964 Chrysler Imperial

A man’s life without tech is one often filled with little joy. Luckily it’s that time of week where we scrape the interwebs for the coolest things in the world that your hard earned dollars can afford. This is no gadget guide. These are toys for the modern man who knows how to have fun.

#1 Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Drone Blaster

Office warfare just got a whole lot more advanced with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Drone Blaster, a radio controlled drone tank which has a mounted canon to sneak up on unsuspecting victims. The drone even has a built-in 720p camera so that you can see, record and take out targets from across the house in your hideaway. The turret style canon ensures that no victim shall be spared.

Price: $200/BUY


#2 Whaletone Royal Digital Piano

Even if you’re not a classically trained pianist, you’ll appreciate the sensational design that is the Whaleton Royal Digital Piano. Penned by Polish designer Robert Majkut, the piano takes after a polished sea creature but leaves behind the hammer and strings of a conventional player. The digital player comes with an internal noiseless amplifier, MIDI inputs and outputs, USB and headphone jacks. Every Whaleton Royal is bespoke meaning customisable designs to suit your house are achievable.

Price: $110,000/BUY

#3 Levi’s x Google Jacquard Commuter Trucker Jacket

The Levi’s smart jacket that we reported on earlier will soon be hitting retailers so start saving those pennies now. The jacket was created in collaboration with Google in an initiative called Project Jacquard for bike riders. The threads of the denim jacket are lined with thin wires which transfer data wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth. What this enables a wearer to do is pick up calls at the tap of an integrated sleeve button without having to be distracted from the road. The even cooler bit? You can wash it just like any piece of garment.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Lamborghini Aurum Carbon Fibre Trolley

Travel the airports in supercar style with this luxurious luggage trolley from Italian carmaker Lamboghini. The product came about as a collaboration between TecknoMonster and Lamborghini and features the same carbon fibre used to manufacture their finest cars. The case itself is 33-litres in capacity and stands at L37 x H54 x D21cm. All the necessities are also there including Automobil Lamborghini leather and billet alluminium finishes. The locks are also TSA approved whilst the internal lining boasts hexagonal quilted stitching.

Price: $12,000/BUY

#5 COSMOS Constellation Clock

When telling the time needs a shake up, look no further than the COSMOS Costeallation Clock. It tells the time using star riddled constellations lit up via bright LEDs – the two big dots represent the hours and minutes. There’s even a built-in Bluetooth speaker so that you can stream music to the device as the stars light up the room to give it that uber-cool effect. A steel mesh is included as a cover so that the lighting effects can be enjoyed to their full potential.


Price: $TBA/BUY

#6 Don Draper’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial

Don Draper’s car is going on sale and that can only mean one thing – you cruise in style. The Imperial is one of 200 in the world and features a 413 V8 wedge engine and comes with loaded with charisma.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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