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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #79

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1 of 6|Stair Rover Longboard
2 of 6|PPK Rubber Band Gun
3 of 6|Jerry Can Bar Cabinet
4 of 6|Rapha Pro Team Flyweight Cycling Glasses
5 of 6|Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS
6 of 6|Diamond Atelier BMW Mark II Series Motorcycle

For those who don’t know, Shut Up & Take My Money is the fun place where your hard earned dollars go to die. It’s well worth it though with this week’s edition allowing you to play Bond with your very own PPK pistol made of wood which fires elastic bands. We also have the mother of all skateboards which will allow riders to skate down stairs without breaking a pelvis. Time to mortgage those homes.

#1 Stair Rover Longboard

Make no mistake, the Stair Rover Longboard has been designed to do exactly as its name intends and is the primed for taking on the roughest urban terrains. The V-frame design allows the board to glide over various undulating surfaces whilst its eight wheels can pivot independently to for extra manoeuvrability. The board’s chassis is constructed of thermoplastic with built-in shock absorbers for a comfortable ride whilst alluminium tracks help to aid sharp turns. The maple wood deck even has an integrated handle for easy carrying. Watch the Taiwanese promo for the board below.


Price: $250/BUY

#2 PPK Rubber Band Gun

Bond. Rubber Bond. Those who’ve always wanted to play the titular spy now can without getting arrested for being in possession of a firearm. This wooden rubber band gun is modelled off Bond’s iconic PPK and has a built-in mechanism which can fire five successive rubber bands at your most despised office co-worker sitting up to six metres away. It comes with 50 rubber bands and is made in the USA. Obviously.

Price: $24/BUY

#3 Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

This is easily one for the festival junkies who love to sneak alcohol into an event. Tell the security it’s petrol and roll on in for some good times with this Jerry can bar cabinet. Even cooler is the fact that these are actual World War II Jerry cans which have been stripped and sand blasted by a Danish company before being restored into its former glory in a fresh coat of powder. Inside you’ll find a luxurious wooden shelving system which can hold glasses, three bottles and a cocktail mixer. There’s even a wall mount system and lock to protect your stash of “fuel”. The cans also come in various cool colours.

Price: $679/BUY

#4 Rapha Pro Team Flyweight Cycling Glasses

The Rapha brand is highly regarded amongst cycling circles for producing some of the best team kits out there. The one accessory the brand never embarked on however were sunglasses. That changes today with Rapha’s very own Pro Team Flyweight Cycling Glasses. As the name suggests, the glasses are extremely light and are made from polycarbonate. On the optical end, lens maestro Carl Zeiss leant his expertise to help give the glasses the best vision yet which also features oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on front and back to provide 100% protection against UV rays. There’s also four lens options available to suit your specific needs.

Price: $220/BUY

#5 Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS

The Dutch are at it again, this time presenting an even more extreme version of their D8 roadster. Taking inspiration from Colin Chapman’s Caterham design and injecting it with steroids is the best way to explain the Donkervoort GTO-RS. The two-seater driver’s car is street legal and features an Ingolstadt’s 2.5-litre turbocharged inline-five alongside launch control and EU6 emissions compliance. The car it was based off can also lap the Nurburgring in under 7:20 so that gives you an idea of how fast this toy is. Details are sparse for now but expect power to reach 400hp in this lightweight machine. Interested? Only 40 examples will be built with 21 already allocated.


Price: $173,000/BUY

#6 Diamond Atelier BMW Mark II Series Motorcycle

This aggressive vintage cafe racer is the brainchild of BMW Motorrad designer Julian Weber, so it’s obvious to see where the bold lines came from on the Diamond Atelier BMW Mark II Series Motorcycle. The bike can be built in either 800cc or 1,000cc guise and comes in three levels of trim and specifications to suit every rider. There are only 10 examples in the world and there is an option of colours to choose from besides the military green.

Price: +$24,000/BUY


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