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Star Wars Gets The James Bond Treatment In This Epic Opening Montage

The cinematic universe has churned out countless milestones in the past. Two standalone names that have defined a generation and continue to do so today are James Bond and Star Wars.

Interactive designer Kurt Rauffer took this into account and decided to do what no film maker has ever tried: mashing up The Empire Strikes Back with the trademark opening sequence of a James Bond film.


What audiences get is a mesmerising display of floating light sabres (in place of Bond’s Walther PPK gun), weaving neon X-Wing fighters and a rotating silhouette of Darth Vader all captured in the signature slow-motion panning work.

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There’s even a falling Luke Skywalker scene which faithfully borrows from the visual motif of Bond falling in all of his own title sequences. And if the backing track sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the better Spectre theme song performed by Radio Head that was rejected in place of Sam Smith’s dreary ‘Writings On The Wall’.

Fingers crossed Rauffer does another one of these purely for the nostalgic appeal.


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