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6 Tips Every Man Needs To Know Before Moving Out

We get it. You’re a man of boundless talent and skill. When the time comes to really leave the nest for a place of your own though, a new kind of sophisticated beast is required.

No doubt the excitement of doing whatever you want at any given time will mask some of the realities of moving out, but as a man on the rise it’s imperative that you never neglect such terms as ‘rent’ or ‘where’s dinner?’ and ‘how the hell do I get this stain out?’

Gentlemen, it’s time to leave those Tom & Jerry sheets behind and become the solo flyer you were always meant to be. Here are the six tips every man needs to know before making the big move.

#1 Invest In A Decent Bed


Sure, that $45.50 Gumtree bed might look like the greatest steal since Winona Ryder’s threads, but bear in mind the bed will become a place of man’s rest and play. And it will affect your work immensely if you don’t satisfy the former. We’re not justifying a $5,000 latex bed here, but do make sure that if you get a second hand sleeper that the mattress is at least brand new. Bed frames are fine second so long as they’re still sturdy and when it comes to mattresses, you can score a good one for a few hundred bucks. Don’t skimp here as a new mattress has the benefit of not coming with blood-sucking insects and the smell of ass.


#2 Get Help With Heavy Lifting


Son’s out, guns out, right? Wrong. In moving out world, following that rule will likely throw your back out too. Don’t be a hero. If you have a donated fridge or a +70kg, sofa, get some buddies to help out. Failing that, hiring movers is also a good idea as it will save you much time and frustration in the process. Believe us when we say that lugging a sofa or dining table up two flights of stairs is not as easy as it sounds. If you do go the movers route, make sure they’re professional (so your stuff doesn’t get broken), insured, and experienced. Check the company’s reviews before you go waving your credit card. As an cheaper alternative, looks at sites like Airtasker to find the right people for the right price.

#3 Learn To Cook Nutritious Food


Note the word ‘nutritious’ does not mean fried, gluten-free donuts and definitely not a salad from KFC. Preparing wholesome healthy food is actually a lot simpler than many think and will cost less than take-out dinners in the long run. To get your dollar going the furthest, scope out your local grocer or supermarket and find out when their weekly specials usually come about. Heck, feel free to get chummy with a few of them as this will often lead to great discounts when the time is right. And when it comes to fruit and veges, never overlook a dedicated fruit store as these often sell for less than their supermarket counterparts. When it comes to cooking, Youtube, Instagram and any other food blog is your friend. Need we need to remind you that cooking for a date is sexy?

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#4 Forget The Fancy Cleaning Supplies


Consumables are exactly that – consumable. So when it comes to expensive general cleaning supplies such as detergents, hand wash and disinfectants, go for the no name brands or better yet, concoct your own using vinegar, baking soda and castile soap. It’s a cool alternative to harsh chemicals and can rid grime just as well. Toilet cleaning falls under your week, it doesn’t need to be a chore too. Just throw baking soda and spray it with vinegar and brush away (with a toilet brush preferably). Worst case scenario? Borrow some hard chemicals from the parentals.

#5 Unplug Devices To Save On Electricity Bills


Be prepared to accept that moving out will see a huge portion of your weekly income going into bills. One major culprit will no doubt be electricity. Often called ‘Phantom Load’, devices often draw energy even when they’re not on but plugged in on stand-by. If it doesn’t need to be on, flick the switch off. Things such as televisions, electric shavers and home entertainment devices are all non-crucial to stand-by. We do recommend you leave the fridge on though.

#6 Make A Budget To Stick To


Given that you’re a responsible man out on his own, budgeting will need to be a big part of your vernacular. To help you one this quest, use a host of budgeting apps out there which can aid in managing your weekly cash flow and expenses. Some banks even offer their own apps which will make transferring funds quick, easy and transparent. Setting up an Excel sheet is simple but if you’re not well versed in cells, go old school and write things down. Tracking your spending is essentially setting yourself up for the future and it ensures you’ll have the skills to provide food on the table for the next few weeks as well as the years to come.


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