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Tom Ford For Men Grooming Range Expands With 3 New Products

Tom Ford For MenTom Ford launched his men’s skincare and grooming range in 2013. This June, three new products will join the coveted collection: an Exfoliating Energy Scrub, a Shave Oil, and a Brow Gelcomb.

The orange-tinted exfoliator promises to brighten and revitalise dull, tired-looking skin. It can be applied to damp skin dry or wet (but be gentle if you choose the dry route), and uses different sized exfoliating grains to maximise its smoothing properties.

The moisturising shave oil comes out of the tube with a gel-like texture, but quickly melts into a non-greasy oil that makes shaving a dream. Fans of Tom Ford grooming products will recognise the blend of essential oils and fragrance used throughout the line. Most importantly, the shave oil is completely transparent, so you can actually see what you’re doing as you make the risky decision to apply a sharp blade to your handsome face.

The most talked-about addition to the collection is the Brow Gelcomb. Though bold brows have been the trend in women’s grooming for a while now, the men’s grooming scene hasn’t caught up. Presumably it’s because many a man-brow is too bushy to begin with, but if you’re not naturally blessed with luxurious caterpillars, or need to tame what nature gave you, the Brow Gelcomb can help.

The wand-like device dispenses a tiny amount of (slightly tinted) gel via its comb head. Not only does it hold eyebrows in place like a classic clear gel, it also volumises and thickens. The end result is darker, more defined brows that stay in place all day.




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