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Tom Ford’s Next Film ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Will Feature Some Serious Star Power

Fashion designer extraordinaire Tom Ford will be swapping the threads for a film reel this year when his second feature film hits theatres with some serious star power behind it.

Nocturnal Animals will see Ford return to the Director’s chair to command a stellar cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher and Armie Hammer in a drama based on Austin Wright’s 1993 novel entitled ‘Tony and Susan’.

More specifically the film will form a two-part story within a story which follows the character of Susan who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband whom she left 20 years ago. The husband meanwhile wants to wants know her opinion on his writing.

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The second part of the story looks specifically at the manuscript called ‘Nocturnal Animals’ which outlines a man’s family vacation which turns deadly. The upcoming film will see Ford returning to filming duties seven years after his debut collaboration with Colin Firth in ‘A Single Man’, a performance which subsequently earned him a best actor Oscar nomination for his depiction of a depressed gay British professor living in Los Angeles during 1962.

It appears the notion of doing one thing and one thing well doesn’t apply in Tom Ford’s rulebook.

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